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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday July 9

Up with pretty good sleep and then coffee. IF today.

WOD: 4 rds: run 400m, 50 air squats. CF Main WOD. Good one, and I was whipped after. 11:39. Extra: 3 Push Jerks, on the minute, 10 min. Kept it pretty light, 85lbs. Power Clean each set. Thanks to MK for pushing me to go ahead and get this done. I was really leaning toward coming back tonight. Am beat.

Girlfriend coming into town this am, headed to Coconut Point today.

Games are here! DUUURTY SOUTH! 7.1k run down a effen monster ravine as the first WOD of the 2009 Games....that is sick, but bad ass sick... :)

meal 1 at Bice @ Coconut Point- Beautiful (huge and full of yummies) salad with much veggies and large piece of salmon on top. evoo and a little basalmic & lemon
5-1-12 best guess

egg & nuts @ 3PM (still at CP Mall with buddy, and way ready to come home)

hb eggs, red pepper, nuts

mahi, mixed veggies, avocado, olives


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  1. Bring the camera this weekend!!! I am going to have a lot of fun but I don't know if I will remember it. Maybe some unflattering pictures will jog my memory.