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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm back. February 17

Up at 530AM. handful nuts out the door.

WOD: Baby Annie: 30-20-10: DUs and KTEs.  The DUs were not happening today- I subbed walking lunges. About 11:33.

She has dropped a bit, I can tell.  I am waiting on test results this afternoon to see whether or not the urine protein levels have gone away- that is what we are praying for.  Hospital induction is the alternative if not- sooo NOT our plan, but what will happen.  Feel great, and she is full term.  God's plan is about to be revealed to us, I feel.  We will see if it is the same as what we have had planned.

eggs, avocado, berries and gy w/ cinnamon, nuts

Monday, February 14, 2011

I heart my Valentine. Monday February 14...a few days of rest.

Woke up to the coffee maker beeping...a wonderful thing~ thank you Pauly!

In case anyone is reading this (???) ;)....for what it's worth, I am going to take a few days of rest this week.  It seems I have some protein showing up high in my urine and low in my blood- on paper, this looks like preeclampsia- but my bp is perfect, and my uric acid is perfect- both are secondary markers for the condition.  Really, do I look like I am suffering from a dangerous condition??? But what do I know?!?!  I'll be retaking the panels tomorrow and they will run for 24 hrs (it just means I have to catch urine for 24hrs) and so, in an effort to do everything I can to help the numbers shift, I am going to take a few days off from the gym as well as make a few tweaks to my nutrition and supplements.  My naturapath, Keli, thinks it's a digestive issue (hello? this has been an issue for me and I am 37 weeks preggo) and more of a malabsorption conversation- so, I've made a few changes in literally how I eat, what I eat, and some helpful supps to aid that process.  We will see what happens.  I am taking this super seriously, since induction at the hospital will be the course of action if we don't get this fixed this week- and that, is NOT what we want.  Not our plan, but if it is God's plan, then I will need prayer to accept it and get through it.  I feel great, and baby girl is moving every day, so I know she is feeling great.

 I am so blessed to have help in this, from my husband who is my rock, Dr. Mike, Keli, and prayer warrior friends who are praying for me!!!!

heart shaped egg 'muffins' this morning in honor of my love.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday!! February 11

Thank goodness it's Friday!

Did not post yesterday- had an early day for work, and went in to box with Pauly at 5PM

WOD: 'Baby Wittman:  5 rds: 15 1-arm KBS @ 12k, 15 HPC @ 65, 15 step ups.

Food was pretty good all day, I am back to a few shakes with a really good grass fed protein from Dr. Mike- had one for breakfast.  I was hungry today- by 10AM, I needed to refuel with 2 eggs over easy and a small bowl of evil grits, which were divine.  Lunch was salad bar at Ruby Tues with a burger patty.  Dinner was leftover gf beef and eggy omelet- so good!!  Feeling tired for most of the day, took a nap when I got home, then to the gym and BStudy.


Up at 445AM

handful nuts and few bites of apple.

WOD: Rest day for CFMom, so I made up Saturday's WOD: 5 rds: 10 pull ups, 10 pregnant burpees
(on the bench today)  16:55

home to a shake.

I am beat, and I think the baby girl has dropped a bit.  My lower back is sore.  So are my traps, but that's from the hangs last night ;)  Adrian comes at 3PM tomorrow for a double- cannot wait!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Feb 9.

Up at 530AM.

few walnuts this am.

WOD: Metcon of your choice 2000-5000m.  We've had this one several times, and I have usually tried to get as close to the 5000m as possible. Not today! I guess being 36wks makes a bit of a difference, for me at least.  I did 750m on the rower, and ran a mile.  A 12:26min mile!!! 2350m.

home to eat- still focusing on protein.  shake made with some great grass fed protein from Dr. Mike, eggs, bacon.  That should hold me!

lunch- t burger, leftover zucchini, nuts, celery and ab