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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm back. February 17

Up at 530AM. handful nuts out the door.

WOD: Baby Annie: 30-20-10: DUs and KTEs.  The DUs were not happening today- I subbed walking lunges. About 11:33.

She has dropped a bit, I can tell.  I am waiting on test results this afternoon to see whether or not the urine protein levels have gone away- that is what we are praying for.  Hospital induction is the alternative if not- sooo NOT our plan, but what will happen.  Feel great, and she is full term.  God's plan is about to be revealed to us, I feel.  We will see if it is the same as what we have had planned.

eggs, avocado, berries and gy w/ cinnamon, nuts

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  1. Oooh DUs - can't think of many things that sound more uncomfortable (except maybe sit-ups)