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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas and the Monday after....

Well now! Christmas was beautiful and now it has passed- still a wonderful time of year.


Went in Christmas Eve for 'Chumpy' (? I think?): 5-10-20-10-5 power cleans, run 200m, and KBS @ 20K~ I was there at 7AM this time to catch some soul to train with and low and fn behold Jim and ABomb were there at 5&6!!!! ARRRGGHHHH but hey! it's Christmas Eve so who really cares!!

Went in Saturday to do a little BW melee (sp) with Mynx and, yes girls???
AMRAP 15: 5 burpees, 10 pull ups, 15 box jumps. A nice one to blast some holiday cals....
Paul and I both are ready to ring in a New Year- 2009 has been full of....LIFE~ we love ours, but are ready for a new start :)

Fast forward to today: up with OK sleep, IF today.

WOD: 'Are You Talking to Me?': 7 rds of: 7 pc+fs+pp (as a thruster) @ 73, 7 pulls: then row 750 to finish. 16:00. I still REALLY dislike rowing, no new year changes there! DID IT SOLO. Where are all my friends?

t burg, brocc, squash, avocado

eggs, asparagus, avocado, walnuts


  1. You killed it today girl! Looking forward to working out with you tomorrow!!

  2. If there was a better phrase than YOU CRUSHED IT it would use it but I can't think of one at this time. Awesome!

    I will be back to 6am in about a week, right now I am enjoying not having to get up before the birds do!! See you soon!