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Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday November 3...a Bear.

Up and coffee- snack of chicken and walnuts.

WOD: "The Bear": 5 rds, 7 reps of: power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press- increase weight each set. My max weight for the 5th and last set was 85 lbs. This was a good tough one!

Of course I am feeling a little thick today, as I indulged on Saturday. I'm OK with it, but focused on getting rid of it this week. For me, that means sticking pretty tight to my 12B meals, keeping carbs to a minimum, and detoxing every chance I get! Going in for a foot bath today to start that process with MK!

Breakfast: hb eggs, grapefruit, walnuts.

Lunch- great salad with chicken, peach, avacado, other veggies, few nuts.

Bike ride with MK- thanks girl! Then a foot detox and some time in the sauna.

Snack- chicken, walnuts.

Gator club meeting 530. Later.

Din- salmon, brocc, eggplant, avacado, walnuts.

11-6-36 so far.

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  1. Thank you so much for all you did for our party... I NEVER would have pulled it off by myself! Like you I am trying to get back on track today with food and heading to the gym tonight for a late WOD... must stay on track until Thanksgiving! See you in the AM.