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Monday, November 3, 2008

Saturday- TOTAL and Sunday to rest.

CFT was today and my goal was to break 500. I missed that goal- mostly due to failing two squat attempts, only posting 175lbs, not even my PR! My total for the day was 470lbs, and although I missed my goal, I am pleased with the fact that I had two PR's, my press of 80lbs and my DL of 215lbs. I think I may have been a little conservative on the press and DL, but I'm OK with it for now. It was our first run of the CFT, and I think we all did pretty dang good.

I did wake up with a little sore throat, trying to put it behind me.

It is (was!) a beautiful day, full of college ball and food prep for our party tonight. I love Saturdays like this! The Gators had an impressive victory over the Dawgs, and TTech pulled one out over Texas! I love college football.

The party was a huge success- Paul and I had a great time. Thanks go out to J and Kate for all of the hard work in getting her sweet pad ready AND for all of the clean up, which I'm sure was not a walk in the park. It seems that a large time was had by all. I loved seeing everyone dressed in street clothes and out of the gym for once!

Sunday came early- thank goodness for the time change! Fasted until 2PM due to the fact that I ate enough food to last me until then.....took it easy for the rest of the day- rested with football and movies in the background throughout the day. Din at Paul's dad's- I had the chance to get into the holiday spirit early as we put his tree up a little early since he's gone for most of November visiting a friend. Some lamb, brocc, brussel sprouts, and salad.

Went down early to be ready for Monday. All in all, a terriffic weekend!

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