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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Triple Wednesday, November 5

Up and coffee, slept pretty solid actually, although could not stay up for the festivities- down by 915. Snack of chicken and walnuts.

WOD: 30 thrusters, run 800m, 30 pull ups, 60 kbs, 30 pull ups, run 800m, 30 thrusters. (I think that's right!). Went with the 25 lb db's for the thrusters, and the 20k bell for the swings. The db thrusters were a challenge, but good. This was a typical, tough triple modality day!

Breakfast: eggs, chicken, grapefruit, walnuts.

Lunch- I am the only one in my line of work who takes her own lunch to a lunch meeting....but I knew Hoppin' John was on the menu, and that's not exactly on my list of Paleo freindly foods these days so: chicken cuke, red pepper, avacado. I did add a little tomato and jalepenos from the HJ fixin's.....

Snack- chicken, almonds.

I am tired this afternoon. Wish I could nap, but there's kickball practice tonight. We play the reigning champs tomorrow, and they've actually scouted us! They are the only other undefeated team besides us....

Din- fish (cod from Costco- good, but not as good as barramundi), spinach, cauli, avacado.

Snack- white, grapefruit, almonds.


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  1. Thanks for taking care of me! Nice work this am girl, keep it up!