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Friday, December 12, 2008


Up with the best sleep in a while, but still, chicken, walnuts.

WOD: Triple: 25 DL's @ 103lbs, run 400, 50 pull ups, 50 KBS (24K), 50 burpees, run 400m, 25 DL's. Glad I went heavy on the swings, but they were tough! Maybe could have gone heavier on the DL's, but then again, there were 50 of them.....! ;) Shout out to the girl- she killed it.

Breakfast: 3 hb eggs plus a yolk, apple, nuts, greens smoothie.

Lunch- chicken, eggplant, brocc, avacado, walnuts. A fav.

Snack- chicken adn nuts.

Dinner at Bacchus. Joey (5AM) took great care of us and Paul and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Salmon ceviche and tuna & scallop napolean-like stacks of goodness. Complete with a little fresh fruit to share and a sip of dessert wine. Beautiful. I highly encourage all to do the same. Clean AND divine!

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