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Friday, January 2, 2009

January 2......a great day, it's Friday!

Up with short sleep- I am feeling it this am, too. Tired. Need to get things back to normal. :) But my life is good. No coffee, no snack.

WOD: 38 Special. WOW- I am honored today because I turn 38- so coach did one up for us today!! Row for 38 cals, 38 push press (73/115), 38 DL's, 38 GHD sit ups, 38 pull up burpees(that one was extra special), 38 WBS (as a gift to myself, went with 14lb ball), 38 KBS (made up for the gift with the 24K bell), 38 DU's, 38 walking lunges, row 38 cals. Whew. The end. Shout out to MK and Rachel for killing it this am, and for making my day start off great!

Breakfast: More frittata fun with the family: frittata with onion, spinach, dried tomatoes. Little fruit salad. Some coffee.

I am feeling thick today, as I have been for a while...can't seem to get it together just yet. BF, not boyfriend ;), is up for sure. I know 'it's the holidays' everyone says- but I am over it by now. Can't help but think sleep is still the issue. I am ready to start the New Year with burning some fat off my bod.

Pool time as a birthday treat at my neighbor's house- she took the day off! Took a 2B snack of fish, less than 1B veggies, 5B walnuts.

Home for a nap. nuts.



  1. Happy Birthday Girl! I hope you get to enjoy your special day and sneak in a nap, you deserve it. Don't even stress about the BF. You look great and in no time you'll feel that way as well. I envy your shape and I know you work hard to keep it, so props to you girl. New Year, New Mind Set, New PR's :)

  2. happy birthday, fellow Capricorn! you hot mama you! hope your day was both special and joyful. :) xoxo

  3. I hope you had a good weekend... back on track this week... don't stress about the BF you will figure it out... you need it to get stronger and then when you reach the next "level" will lean out again... its a give and take to get to your goal... but man are you getting stronger its been so great to watch your progress... you have been kicking ass!