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Friday, February 20, 2009

FRIDAY...none too soon.

Another night of waking up at 2AM and I am over it. Coffee and chicken, walnuts.

WOD: Back Squats 10-10-10-10: Started heavys at 135-145-155 sucked-150. Not much else to say other than I need to continue to work on hip drive and keeping my head down, as well as getting deep pretty much every-fng-thing. Headed back at 530 to do deads with MK.

Breakfast: chicken, egg, eggplant, nuts, greens drink.

Lunch- salmon, brocc, avocado, r&o pepper, walnuts. Did not finish all 2 blocks.

I am tired and borderline cranky. Thank goodness it is Friday!

snack- egg

DL's at 530: followed squat pattern from this am: 10x 135, 145, 150, 155. Tough for me. 10's take forever it seems!

Home to my husband who had drink in hand, and one waiting by the front door for me. This is why I love this man.

Din- mahi, egg, brocc, asparagus, mushrooms, avocado, few nuts.

One BL beer, dark choc. Not in that order.

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  1. Nice work today girl and thanks for the words! I hope you had a nice tall one waiting for you when you arrived at home. Not sleeping and hard bad ass work outs will do that do all of us. Relax and enjoy it's the freakin' weekend!