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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Feb 19

Crap sleep. Coffee and snack of egg and walnuts.

WOD: 50 burps, run 400, 50 curb pu's, run 400, 50 hspu's on wall, run 400. 34:28. Extra work: tgu's, starting with 25lb db for 10, 30lbs for 10, 35lbs for 20. Will make up the last 1o soon- had to bug out....shooting for the 40lbs for the last 10.

Breakfast: chicken, eggplant, nuts.

Meeting all day, and the best I can hope for, not into the evening.

Lunch- Chang's- steamed salmon, very few veggies. Added pepper, nuts.
5?-1-9. so good.

snack- egg, nuts.

din- turkey burger, spinach, bruss sprouts, avocado, nuts.


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  1. Sarah, Go to the main page of our website then to CFFM Nutrition Guidelines then Robb Wolf Nutrition Collection - IF info starts on page 10. I will still eat all my required blocks (with added/upped fat today just in a compressed period) I am not IFing to lose body fat (although that can be a benefit if you are looking for that result) I am IFing because of ALL the benefits for our body incl performance, longevity etc. I have only been IFng about once a week for now but you can do it more often if it works for you. You can also go to Robb Wolf's website and follow his link Intermittent Fasting Life then go into the Health tab and search IF and there are a few articles you can read. I hope this helps.