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Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Already. Feb 23.

decent sleep. Coffee, egg, almonds.

WOD: Deads and Cleans 8-8-8-8: use 3RM Power Clean lbs, add 50lbs for the DL's. Start with 5 DLs, then strip the 50 and go right into Cleans. 155lbs DLs, 105lbs cleans. Tried 165/115, missed the cleans. Stayed at 155/105. Kicked my arse today. Extra: 50 renegade rows with push ups, 20lb db.

Breakfast: chicken, apple, pecans.

Lunch- chicken, pepper, brocc, avocado, few nuts.

Hungry today. And for the record, it's only Monday and I am already tired.

snack of chicken and walnuts.

din- turkey burger, egg, mushrooms, brocc, avocado.


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