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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday! Live it up, friends. Feb 24

solid sleep @ 7hrs. Decided to go ahead and get a 6 mo. follow up blood panel today, so fasting for that, and figured I may as well IF.

WOD: Run 400, 2 ropes, 50 GHD hypers, 100' lunges, row 750, lunges, 50 curbs, 2 ropes, run 400. Good one. SHOUT OUT to 6AM for being strong- I love how my friends show me perseverence: BIG day on the ropes for MK, Rob, B and Mariel!! Do it now! YEAH.
Extra: Push Press 3-3-3-3-3. Worked up to 105lbs, left it there. Missed a few, but I ain't skerred. Actually, I'm beat. :)

So: you can now make an appt. for bloodwork! Wish I had known that prior to today. Got there at 750, left at 9AM. Home to black coffee...aahhhhhhhh. All is well.

Meal 1: chicken, egg, brocc, red pepper, avocado, walnuts. the standard.
Could not quite finish the carbs so far...maybe should not have gone quite as high volume, but trying to keep GI low, and these are favs!
4-2-9. will work on the remainder of pepper today.

Meal 2: 3 hb eggs, walnuts.

Meal 3: mahi, 1B turk burg, bruss sprouts, avocado. DARK choc.

A little hard for me to get all the food put back in today....and I usually DO NOT have issues with not eating enough!
1-0-5 snack



  1. Maybe my work computer is acting up?

  2. Hey it went through! Yeah!! The little things in life that make me happy. Yes picnic sounds good tomorrow as we have no extra work whooo hooo!

  3. Hi Sarah! I hope you IF today went well. It's hard to cram all the blocks in after IF isn't it. Tried to post a comment to you yesterday hope it works today. Won't see you tomorrow morning so have a good TRIPLE!