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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday Feb 25

solid sleep. Coffee, chicken, nuts.

WOD: Triple: AMRAP 20: 50 WBS (14), then: 7 SDLHP (73), 7 burpees, run 200. HEYUUGE shout out to MK who took one for the team and pulled 95lbs today! Yeah girl. No extra today, so a big NICE for that. Had a picnic breakfast with MK, on the curb, watching the sunrise, listening to a very LOUD plane. Great way to start my day. ;) muah girl.

salmon, sw. pots.

I guess there's been some issues with my blog, yes? I think they're gone, so all you commenters should be back in biznazz.

from breakfast

Lunch- salad with chicken and guac. packed nuts.

Just learned no more GF beef at Fresh Market. What a bummer.

2 eggs, avocado, walnuts.

Church for AW.

Din- salmon, spinach, bruss sp, avocado, few nuts


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