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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Weekend

Saturday! And by the way, my flipping body is so sore....

Slept in till 8AM (WHAT?) and had coffee, breakfast:
2 hb eggs, chicken, 1/2 pear, avocado, nuts.

lunch- turkey burger, cuke/pepper salad (note: orange peppers at Pitts are really sweet this time), avocado. It was a thing of beauty.

snack- chicken, avocado

din- steak, spinach, brocc, avocado, nuts.

There were also some paleo brownies made and consumed...and more than my fair share of nuts cnsumed today.


Up and coffee, hb egg & nuts.

It is beautiful outside! Pro Bowl today- the LAST LAST football.

break- chicken, eggplant, almonds.

Really, I ask: How good is it to Gator fans in the Gatornation that Lane Kiffin has ALREADY blown up like a cheap suit? THIS IS JUST TOO FLIPPIN' GOOD.

lunch- chicken, pepper/cuke salad, avocado.

chicken, nuts.

din- steak kabob, grilled portabella, avocado.

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  1. Nice pic's girl, like the change! Have a good day tomorrow..not sure what I'm going do maybe just a little cardio.