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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday- Tough. April 9

Up with OK sleep, coffee. snack- egg, nuts

WOD: AMRAP 20: Hang Power Cleans and run 100m, by 3's....made it past rd 8 then got 14 HPC's. This one was super tough! Dual WM are always tough for me for some reason! I def had to break up the cleans more than I'd like. The Mighty MK slammed it today- way to be girl! Extra: Squats 5-5-5-5-5 then KTE's to fail. 135-145-145-145-145. I am beat, thank goodness this heavy week #2 is almost over, and Friday is def on the radar!

break- hb eggs, eggplant, nuts.

chicken, cuke, pepper, avocado, few walnuts.

chicken, nuts.
1-0-9. I have been going over on nuts all day! Hungry.

mahi, egg, spinach, avocado.


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  1. Thanks girl, you too did awesome! I was wondering if I could stop by after work and pick up the goods from ya? I'll call you on my way home?