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Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Monday. May 4

Up with good sleep, coffee. IF.

WOD: Deads 5-5-5-5-5: Went into the WOD wanting to hit a solid 175 for 5. Went 155-175-185-185-185, so am pretty happy with that. Felt like my back was strong; went to alt grip by the last set. Now I know that my grip is what will cause any hitching, as I felt a few hitches by rep 4-5 in the last two sets, but overall they felt pretty good.

Talked to coach today re: my diet. Making the call to go back to 3-3-3 for this week (calling it Week 1) to re-set my nutrition. Really interested to do this at this juncture since I know a little more about my body and how it responds....than a year ago. I've been eating the same way, same foods, for so long now...pretty excited to do this and monitor changes/results. Looking forward to doing this side by side with MK.

In my office this am, headed to the sauna shortly and then......EAT! THREE CARB BLOCKS! Wow. :)

IF- 17hrs.

meal 1- turk burg, red pepper, brocc, cooked spinach, almonds.

1-1-1 snack egg white, mashed cauli, almonds

4-3-3 egg, chicken, cauli w/ red sauce, pepper, almonds

crap this is a lot of food.

4-3-3 egg, chicken, asparagus, red pepper, avocado



  1. so jealous of the sauna! I'm going to miss our few times a week with that. Thanks for the get better vibes, I need them. The back is tight!

  2. The picture of you running along Michelle is AWESOME! I love it. :)

  3. Wow Sarah, great work on your dead's! Ditto Stacy on the picture. I love going to your blog just to see the pic everyday.