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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday! May 7

Up with pretty good sleep. Coffee. IF today.

WOD: Run 800, 25 WBS (14), run 400, 25 KBS (24k), run 200, 25 KBS, run 400, 25 WBS, run 800. Whew- this one got me today. I felt like I was bonking a little, which kind of confuses me a little since I have more carbs in me than Carter has liver pills. My KBS were less than stellar, as I had to break them up more than I liked, and coach had to remind me to get it up to full ext up top. I usually do better on IF days, too (performance wise), but today I feel hungry and a little weak...since 5AM. 17:59. Every second counts. So glad to have MK back :)

chicken on salad, added veggies, fresh salsa, added red pepper, almonds

chicken, red pepper, brocc, walnuts


chicken, salad with lots veggies, avocado, olives



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  1. Nice to be back girl. Now once my back's better I'll be all smilies! You did great today. Remember you went through the same training process as I did with NO time off girl. Your body is probably just tired and needs a break. Mine sure did and still does until I am healed 100%. Looking forward to tomorrow in the sauna that should help us out.