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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 6

coffee, chicken, nuts

WOD: 3 min on, 2 min rest, max reps: C&J's @ 95, row for cals burps. Only pulled 13 cleans, wish I had pushed for a few more. Total today was 103. 6AM is kicking it these days- nice work guys! BIG shout out to Liz who is going for her L1 Cert this weekend- 3-2-1 GO sistah! Miss my other bud...hope to see you soon, girl.

breakfast in my car- salmon & sw pots

pecans from break

chicken, red pepper, brocc, avocado

Day 3 of the far, so good- haven't noticed anything yet, other than me and my man go thru a LOT of red pepper and other assorted veggies.

2 eggs, nuts.

mahi, egg, red pepper/cuke, spinach, nuts, 1 square daaark choc


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