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Friday, June 26, 2009


Up with short sleep since we watched Gran Torino last night. Great movie. Ol' Dirty still got it.
Coffee and egg, nuts

WOD: Run 400m x5, with 2 min rest btw. Not timed, but I timed them on my own. Let's just say it's been a long week and I am slow....1:20-1:24.....NOT in that order, however. Usually 1:16-1:19ish.....then to the 50 burpees for time. 3:28. Took 18 sec off my old time, so I am happy with that. Shout out to MK for killing her burps! Extra today: Heavy DL's: about 90% ATB....went 175-185-185-185-185-185. Really wanted to focus on form today, and I felt like I did better with that- engaging hamstrings and flat back. Knees rolled in slightly on a few, but was able to feel that out and do my best to correct during the lifts.

3 eggs, brocc/cauli, greens shake with spinach and a few berries, nuts.

HAPPY FLIPPING FRIDAY. Going to the beach with my hubby today.

OK no beach. But about to take a field trip to Total Wine to look for the beautiful red, Intarsia, (read: KATE TRY THIS ONE)....they've been out for a while and are getting more in. This is what we drank our wedding night and we just shared the last bottle for our anniversary!

BH turkey meat, hb egg, red pepper, avocado, cuke, cashews from FM!
3-1-18 ooopseys! damn those cashews.

GF Burgers tonight for din!! We are excited...can taste them already! Coach and Kate, since you already posted your sweet GF burgers, we won't photo these, but we're getting geared up to send in a few Paleo meals of our own!!

egg, nuts

What a geat day, and just finished a fabulous meal. Veggie skewers on the grill, and lettuce wrapped GF burgers. Had Florida Sweet onion, organic ketchup, spicy mustard, pickle on mine. Sooooo good, you really MUST try them. US Wellness Meats.




  1. Looking forward to seeing your creations! I've got to try that beef!

  2. I will look for Intarsis on my next (weekly) trip to Total Wine, thanks. Great work on your Burpees today I knew you would smoke 'em! Looking forward to chillin at MK's Sun. Enjoy ur GF burgers and wine and husband tonight.

  3. Your deads looked really good today! You are lookin' lean too! You have your Zone dialed in. Wasn't Gran Torino an awesome movie?? I loved it! See you this weekend ~ J