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Monday, June 29, 2009

Freaking Monday Again. June 29

Up with good sleep, yay! Coffee.

IF today.

WOD: For time: 3 rds: 10 front squats (83), 20 push ups (clap), then run a 800m to finish. Squats felt good, clapping push ups were a challenge! My first time trying those, glad I did. Me and MK did a shoe change in the middle of the WOD, and I did mine a little early, as I was finishing/resting in the push ups, and boy could I tell a diff from doing them with shoes on! A great triple to start the week. Extra was uni db benches, 5x5's, each side...went with the 35s, 40, 40, 40, 40. Felt pretty good, but the 40's were all I wanted today.

I was feeling a little achy discomfort this am in my right quad (like siatica, sp), and a few deep runner's stretches helped after class; then I went to Dr. Mike's for the usual. He let me know that my left and right pelvic bones were a little tweaked, one in front of the other...likely from how I sleep (on my side, with one bent leg pitched up and over)....he said esp if there's deep sleep, one can be in that position for hours. It made perfect sense, since I got major sleep this I need to focus on my sleeping positions. One more thing to think about! But, it's all's feeling better for now.

Back to the gym for a CFE WOD with MK and maybe Liz????? :)

Feeling good today, I can tell it was a good weekend of rest and eating. Had a great time at MK's watching the CF movie- Good job girl! It was a beautiful spread, nice and clean!! :)

Headed now to work on my closet. Wish me luck. I am blessed to be married to the KING PURGER of clothes and stuff. He has not quite threatened me, but strongly suggested that I do the same today. I have already been able to do some work on the computer, so an occasional office task will be my work work today. I seem rather chatty.....procrastinating the closet, likely.... I'll be back to tell you what I get to eat for my first meal of the day. I know, you cannot wait.

meal 1- mahi, red pepper, brocc, avocado, few nuts

Closet looks great. It took me until 3PM to get her done. I feel so much better. Aaaaahhhh. Getting ready to down some more food so I don't yak for the CFE WOD @ 6PM.

meal 2- t burger, mixed veggies, olives

CFE WOD- 3minx6; rest 1 min on rds 1,3,5; rest 3min on rds 2,4. 2.05 miles

meal 3- salmon, bruss sprouts, avocado


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