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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday June 30. Gross.

Up with shit sleep. My right quadricep has issues- the siatica going back to Dr. Mike's today. I thought it was getting better, not so....slightly worse. Coffee, egg, nuts

WOD: Supposed to do Power Snatches, 2's...ended up being more of a skills session with Coach, which obviously is much needed. My snatches basically SUCK; in my head because my hands are wide, I think my feet must also be wide when I land. Coach says 'you're getting better' but I think he's just trying to be nice, or maybe he's referring to MK! It's pretty ugly. Need more work on those. We worked with 65 & 75lbs. Then to the effen row WOD. Row 5 min, rest 5min. Row 4min, rest 4. Row 3min, rest 3. Row 2min, rest 2. Row 1min. Total distance- 3822. This WOD more than sucked- this WOD beat my ass in more than one way. Snatches and rowing....the absolute freaking bane of my existance.

Home to more coffee, 2 fried eggs, eggplant, avocado, nuts. We are now out of eggs. Must shop now so I can finish breakfast!

lunch- t burger with a spinach salad with red pepper, and a few other leftover veggies, avocado, olives.

finally added the eggs from break, and a few walnuts

snack, egg, nuts

din- mahi, grilled squash, few bruss sp, nuts, olives. delicious.

13-3-48 good day of eating.

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