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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday July 1 Pauly's Birthday!

Up with good sleep. egg, nuts, coffee.

WOD: Brutal. AMRAP 15: 1 power clean, 2 HPC, 3 CNJ, 5 burps, (95lbs). Holy crap this was a doozy. I know my cleans didn't look that great today, I felt a little not-so-powerful in the triple, and I am jumping back instead of UP! Practice, practice, practice.

salmon and s pots at the gym

lunch- mahi on spinach salad with red pepper and sweet onion, added pecans from breakfast and also some avocado.

din- filet, asparagus, fennel, olives, nuts, some relish tray items, big salad with veggies, 1 sq daaaark choc, 1.5 BL beers. A beautiful celebration for my love's birthday! Cheat meal.

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