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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday is my Friday

Up with really short sleep. Coffee, IF today due to the large meal I had last night.

WOD: For time: 50 DU's, 40 WBS (14), 30 lunges, run 400, 50 KBS (16), run 400, 30 lunges, 40 WBS, 50 DU's. Well: first of all, the 16K was my gift to myself for the holiday! :) My DU's hit a wall in the second set, but I finally got them done. A nice little triple for the end of the week. Shout out to 6AM for doin' like they do.....NICE.

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! We leave for the Jersey Shore tonight. Home Sunday night. Very excited!

Gonna IF for as long as I can. Fork down was pretty late last night, but it was worth it!

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  1. 16K is a gift to yourself for the holiday? You need to work on your self indulgence technique!

    Good job today, you are getting closer to your personalized post.

    Have fun on vacation!