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Friday, June 12, 2009

FRIDAY! June 12

up with the usual. coffee, egg, cashews.

WOD: Power Cleans 2-2-2-2-2-2 @ 90% 1RM atb. Warmed up with the bar, 65, 85, 95 to start my sets at 105lbs atb. Felt real good. Extra: Romanian Deads 10RMs. 45-65-65-65-65. Tough but so glad I did them. Really need to strengthen my lower back and get a good feel for queing up my hamstrings- these will help! Made me sweat my cheeks off.

Sauna with my girl, finally!

Break: eggs, brocc, eggplant, nuts.

chicken, spinach salad, nuts

chicken, nuts

Oragami for din! home to red wine and daaaark choc!

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  1. Kate and I had an awesome time Saturday, thanks! FYI - your extra strength work for tomorrow (Mon) is Heavy Press 5 x 5, I'll forward the note to MK. Don't forget to check out the latest batch of CFE Wods as well! ~ J