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Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday again. June 22 already!

Up with sleep till 230, then a little more till 445, but did not feel too rested upon waking. Went down at 815. About my usual 7hrs, but not that great.

IF today. Coffee.

WOD: First with the strength work. Presses, 3's, on the minute for 10 minutes, 75-80% 1RM (90lbs). Went a little over, with 75lbs. So total of 30 presses at 75lbs. Then Cindy. Was shooting to beat my last score of 15, like 17-18....but did not get that today. Got 15 plus 5 push ups. I'll take it for now. Great workout today, regardless of score.

Am glad I put my fork down at 630PM, cuz I am ready to eat. What I notice about my IF days (thus far) is that my energy level is pretty low until I get to eat, and I am plenty hungry- usually cannot overlook that! Mental sharpness seems to be good, but my body sure does not want to move. Feeling sore and tight in my quads from the weekend activities with MK and then maybe a few of those air squats this am.

So I ordered some GF beef from Dr. Mike's site and we had burgers last night. DELICIOUS. (Lettuce wrapped of course) :) Sooooo good. A new fav. They are 87% lean, so not sure of actual fat count, need to figure that out. They weighed about 4.5oz after cooking.

meal 1- turk burg (4oz after cooking), red pepper, eggplant, avocado, pecans

meal 2- (ate this one around/during a meeting, so it took about an hour to get down. But wanted to make sure it was down early, before hot ass brutal sprints at 6PM)
4 hb eggs, mixed cooked veggies, pecans, almonds

CFE WOD at 6PM. holy crap it's gonna be hot.

Ran 10 200m sprints, with 5x rest time. Rest times were about 3:10. Shout out to MK for killing it with me. These sucked, but could have been worse with less rest.

meal 3- chicken, brocc, olives. added 2B peanut butter.


ready for bed!


  1. I am dying this morning as well. Can't wait for lunch to come my way. Check your photos..You might have to shrink them down to fit in your window. Maybe it's my computer but I can only see 1/2 the photo cause they are super big. Nice work today girl.