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Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday!!! Triple!!!

Up with decent sleep, egg, nuts

WOD: 3 rds: row 750, 21 bw deads (145) and KTE's; row 500, 15 dl's and KTE's; row 250, 9 each. Time each round, rest 3 min. btw rds. Rowing for watts today. My watts went down to 210 for the 500 from 216 on the 750. Deads felt pretty good but were tough. This was a tough one today- I think I can speak for MK on that one!

Breakfast- 3 egg omelet with onion & spinach, peach, nuts

Had a little nausea set in right at breakfast- it passed pretty quick...also noticed a hellacious headache this am as I was warming up with the pull ups. This also happened when I did DU's earlier this week, and then I chalked it up to the pounding of I am going to try to pay attention from here on- this is unusual for me.

mahi, little leftover spinach, squash, brocc, avocado, few nuts

Headed to G'ville to the Clinic with MK!! Very excited!

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  1. Good job on the DLs, that sounded like a brutal combination.

    Have fun this weekend! Show them what CFFM has got.