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Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Monday

Up with decent sleep, feel rested this am, altho a touch fat and sassy. Nothing a week of CF and IF can't shape up. And I'll be throwing in a CFE WOD 'round about Wednesday. IF today. Coffee. LADIES' FOOTBALL CLINIC AT UF THIS SATURDAY where me and MK will be representing! YEAH GIRL! It's gonna be FUN! GO GATORS!

WOD: 3 rds: Max effort, 1 minute: pull ups, run 200m, row for cals. Total score was 117. Wanted to break 20 each set with the pull ups and cals, but not so. OK with it for now, since my new found damper setting of 5-6 makes rowing a better core challenge for me these days...went 20-19-19 on the rows, and something like 20-19-20 on the pull ups. Extra work with MK was heavy presses 5-5-5-5-5. Went with 75-80-80-80-80. I am tired now.

So I grabbed a splash of Coach's cafe du monde this am for the ride home, and I am just saying that Coach drinks MUD. Holy crap. Good way to keep everyone out of your coffee pot, Coach. :)

Sauna tonight with MK....what a life! :)

meal 1- 4 hb eggs, brocc, red pepper, avocado, olives

meal 2- chicken, asparagus, cooked spinach, olives, few nuts
4-2-9 that was a good one, for the books.

meal 3- chicken, mixed veggies (that cauli-brocc-carrot mix from costco- love it), avocado, few pecans



  1. Thanks girl! I know it, I just have to stinkin' do it!! GOSH! See you tonight, looking forward to it.

  2. Funny stuff about Coach's coffee....I am laughing right now .