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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday June 16? Already!

Up with decent sleep. Coffee, egg, pecans

WOD: For time: 100 WBS, 50 box jumps, run 1 mile. Short and sweet. SHOUT OUT TO KATE, WHO KILLED IT! Partitioned the wall balls, basically drove thru the box jumps, and then went into the mile pretty spent, but pushed it out to finish 16:06. I guess I'll take it! 6AM went Rxd and we sweated our arses off, so I feel for 6PM. Something to be said for getting one's ass up early, right 6AM??? Extra work today was High Pulls 5-5-5-5-5, went 65-70-70-75-75.

breakfast- salmon and sw pots at the gym

Driving to Wauchula today.
Packed my pecans form breakfast as a snack- 1015AM

Home for lunch! I love the days of summer. The only time Florida farmers are NOT farming!!! :)

lunch- mahi, spinach salad with red pepper, cuke, avocado, olives, and a few pecans. delicious.

Sorry for the lengthy post- but read on:

OK, so after reading Coach's great meal blogs recently, I was reminded about the Zone Block measurements for food, i.e. protein- 7g protein equals 1 block protein....those turkey burgers ARE big and 35g protein each (and so effen good), but I have not been counting them as 5B, but rather as 3B, albeit a heavy 3B. The diff is that I have been weighing them on a scale post cooking, and they weigh 5oz. Knowing what I know, you 'get' to have 1.5oz ground turkey for each block (rather than the usual 1oz) so for me, that means 4.5oz is a 3B turkey burger. Hence, the 5oz turkey burger is closer to being 3B than 4, so I've been going with 3! ;) So that got me to thinking that maybe I've been incorrect in my 'Zone-Paleo' diet, like maybe occasionally overeating in blocks and not realize it. When I checked the salmon and mahi bags, salmon says 36g protein each (@ 6oz- I think that's the kicker), and the mahi is 21g protein @ 4oz. I am pretty sure that the cooked piece of salmon that I had for breakfast this am was not 6oz, but maybe 4.5oz, and at 6g/oz, that's a 27g piece of salmon. I know it seems so tedious to even be having this convo, but is this even something I should be considering? I am really digging where I am at with my bod and diet, AND performance, as no issues from my end. BUT, I do want to make sure I am doing it correctly! I welcome any comments.


  1. Yeah, it was hot this morning! I went home and looked at the thermometer at 8AM and it was 84 degrees. I pity the 6PM class, that's got to suck.

  2. Hmmm I wonder about the meats as well. I thought we were always to suppose to measure after they were cooked right? Let me know what you discover.