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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Up with decent sleep. Coffee, egg, pecans

WOD: Max reps DU's in 5min. Holy crap. Instant headache which was unusual for me, but it's gone now. My 'rythym' seemed a little off, but got 162. Ran a few of Jim's 'Death by 10m's with him before I realized I better quit and save my legs for tonight's CFE WOD. Doing the 10sec on/5sec off sprints with MK....should be fun. Added 50 GHD situps. Hollah to Stuntman for the leg work, and to MK for CHOOSING to do the 3K row. Sick. :)

breakfast- 3 egg omelet, brocc, peach, pecans.

lunch- chicken on spinach salad with red pepper, cuke, avocado, olives. the usual, sooo good. Went over on fat here.

snack of egg nuts

din- hodge podge night! leftover shrimp, steak, egg, avocado, green/yellow squash, pecans and 1 small sq of daaaark choc. sooo good.

12-4- 50. over 2 fats for the day.

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