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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday with Jackie June 24

Up with short sleep. Need to catch up on some REAL soon. Egg, pecans

WOD: Jackie- Row1000, 50 thrusters (45), 30 pull ups. Bam. Finally beat my old time this week- from 11:45 to 10:10. Did the 2nd round for kicks and giggles.

I am tired and sore.

PWO meal at the gym, salmon and sw pots, 6AM.

Had nuts from breakfast around 930AM. Looking forward to seeing Dr. Mike this am, and then the sauna with MK! Need to get a little power nap if possible. Ahhh, the days of summer.

turkey burg on a spinach salad, added cuke and red pepper, avocado, nuts.

egg, nuts

2 hour nap today! WOW. Needed that. That is like GOLD. But my whole body is sore- hoping that the sauna plus the adj from Dr. Mike will help....can't wait to see what (who) tomorrow brings our way. Still going to maximize sleep tonight.

DInner was mahi atop bruss sprouts and marinara. I was going to skip the sauce, but said hell no, figured I needed it for recovery! Delicious!

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  1. Great job this am Sarah! I left several pairs of high socks at the gym for us to use for rope climbs etc. so help urself... some are Gator blue too!