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Friday, July 17, 2009


Up with short sleep. Coffee, egg, nuts

Took Pauly to RSW this am before the gym. He is headed back to MO to drive his grandmother home....comes home Sunday. Bless his heart. Miss him already.

WOD: 3 rds for time: deads @ 195, run 400. I went with 175lbs today- tried to focus on form but it's tough when it's in a WOD for time! Finished 8:14 I think...shout out to MK for going rxd!
No extra work this am since some of us freaks are going in for some more fun in the am....

Sauna with MK this am. so nice!

break- 3 eggs, brocc, nuts

SOOOOO happy it's Friday!!!

t burg, red pepper, cuke, onion, little avocado, olives- all mixed up!

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