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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Weekend July 18-19

It was a great one, despite being home alone. Saturday started with a kick ass WOD- Scaled 'Kalsu'. 5 burpees on the minute, each minute with thrusters @ 53lbs. Goal is to get 100 thrusters. 17 rds. That pretty much kicked my ass. Then to Dr. Mike's Max Living deal, then to the beach with CF superstars MK and Kate. Home to a quiet din and night at home w/ a chick flick, 'New in Town'. Was real pleased to be able to keep food pretty tight and clean, even with some peanut butter activity in the mix! Good times. :)

Sunday was another great day of church, and waiting for Pauly to get home safely, which he did. We got a nap in to boot. All good stuff.

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