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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday-almost Friday July 16

Up with good sleep, but still feel tired. IF today. Coffee.

Little bit of a cranky kitty today.

WOD: Push Jerks 5-5-5-5-5. Going for a 5RM PR- working off of some approximations as to what my last 5RM would be, not too sure- but went with our last Jerk WOD where we did 1's at 90% ATB (115lbs). Went 115-115failon#5-105-105-105. Extra work was weighted lunges, 3x at 100'-used the 30's, then 25's for 2 sets.

IF almost 17hrs.

meal 1 makes for happy kitty
egg, chicken, eggplant, salad, avocado
4-2-15 fat is approx since I used a little coco oil to cook the eggplant...delicious

meal 2 @ 4pm- hb eggs, avocado, red pepper

cfe wod tonight. the ladder.

Just finished a beautiful supper with my beautiful husband- grass fed filet with a lil blue cheese, spinach, avocado, dark choc and pb. FANFREAKINTASTIC.

night night

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