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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Death by Pullups July 15

Up with really good sleep and egg, nuts, coffee....the usual..

WOD: Death by Pullups: 1 pull up on the minute, adding one each round until you fail...made it 13 rds plus 12 pullups- total of 103- I'll take it for now! Piddled around with a little more snatch work- not much extra today. Am going back tonight for CFE WOD. Hollah to the Stuntman for pulling this one off at 12rds plus 9, and to MK for doing the dreaded triple from yesterday! It was pretty quiet at 6AM today- we miss Mariel! (AND BRENNAN)

3 eggs, brocc, avocado, few nuts

Still a little sore, but feel like I recovered a good little bit overnight. We'll see how I feel in the am after the CFE WOD tonight!

chicken with pepper, spinach and cuke, avocado

snackola- egg, nuts no surprise here.

hungry today

mahi, grilled eggplant, avocado, nuts. good stuff.



  1. Good job with the Pull up's this morning girl! Are you not doing the PWO meals anymore? Thoughts on that?

  2. Next time you can soooo get to 33... if I can dream it you can do it!