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Monday, July 13, 2009

What a great weekend!

The weekend was kicked off with Mariel's Final WOD at Cigar Bar...where we found her kicked back in a wingback with a big ass stogie and beer. Perfection! We had a great time wishing her well and throwing a few back with the great group of CF buddies that turned out to see her off to Tampa. NICE!

Saturday brought Sun 'n Fun at the beach for Stuntman Mike's 'Goodbye to My 20's' Beach Weekend/WOD that was a huge success. The $27-from-E-bay bullhorn was exactly the perfect purchase (nice work Mike) to help motivate the athletes in the Beach WOD which consisted of:

1 shot of Patron
5 kegstand pushups while someone flushes beer down your gullet
2 beer slam-curls, one each arm
then a sprint to the water's edge for
10 burpees

The AMRAP 7 factor was QUICKLY amended to 1 Round for Time, and prolly wisely so....I think D$ ended up taking 1st place for this one with a brilliant :42! NICE WORK to all of the athletes, and I know the photos will be priceless. I myself only mastered 6 kegstand pushups- pretty weak.....let me remind all you freaks that I am 38 years of age. My sport drinking days are so way behind me....

To all of you who we were supposed to meet out for the Lesnar fight: my man's man (and he IS a man's man) promptly passed out around 6PM, never to be conversed-with again until approximately 0830 hours on Sunday. Had I checked the blogs and found Mike's phone number, I would have called to let you know. SORRY GUYS!!!

Sunday meant rest and movies. That's what happens when you're 38!

It was a GREAT weekend spent with GREAT folks. One for the books, FOR SURE.

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