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Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday all over again.

Up with decent sleep. IF today. Coffee at home, then to-go for the gym...

WOD: Back Squats 5-5-5-5-5. Just wanted to stay consistent with what I 5RM'd back in June, 155lbs. Lots of warm up, then went 155-160-160-160fail on #5-155. Whew! On that last 160 rep, I got stuck at the bottom, big time! Wanted to finish strong, so pulled 5lbs off. Extra was db benches with 30lbs, max effort. 73 total, like 30-22-21....HOLLAH to MK who crushed the little measly 30lb db benches with some kookoo total like a hundy....nice work girl!

Home to a lil more cafe du monde and the on to Dr. Mike's. Am thinking of lunch already.

IF- 19 hrs

meal 1- chicken, brocc, red pepper, olives, nuts

meal 2- hb eggs, salad with veggies, nuts, olives

meal 3- chicken, cooked veggies, olives

had a hard time getting the last meal down tonight...usually not a problem...


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