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Friday, August 28, 2009


Happy Friday!

Up with good sleep. egg, nuts

WOD: Holy crap: 'Cleans and Swings': for time: row 500, 15 PCs (100), 30 KBS (16), 12 PCs, 20 KBS, 9 PCs, 10KBS, row 500. WHERE WAS 6AM for this sh**? Coach tells me and MK this is a 12min WOD. We were like 'yeah right'. Well HOLLAH to MK because she did it sub 12. I managed to squeak in 12:56. Nice work to ABomb for doing it solo @ 5AM and it was great to see my friend KATE this morning...whew- I am beat. Sooooo glad it's FRIDAY.

breakfast- 3 egg omelet with onion, shrooms, spinach, brocc on the side, nuts.

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