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Monday, August 31, 2009


Up with good sleep. IF today.

WOD: 15 AMRAP: 3 HSPUs, 5 pull ups, 7 KTEs. Made it down to 4 notebooks today. KTEs were a killer, as usual. Good bodyweight push today. Going back in tonight to do a CFFB WOD with Pauly. 11 rds plus 3 HSPUs. Felt like there was some good juju going on at the gym this am. Me and SMike kicked it together for the WOD- NICE work to you, buddyroe- your pullups are looking gooooood. GOOD LUCK to MK as this is DAY ONE of the ROAD TO THE 2010 GAMES...girl, I know what and where you will be come Spring...S-T-R-O-N-G. (and lean). You already are. Great to see my friend KATE too!

Dr. Mike's this am- feeling pretty good, still a little pain in left leg from pelvis being slightly torqued...usual suspects. Had a great weekend with my mother & Geo, we were able to get lots of things done for her, which is great. Pauly is such a great son-in-law!!

lots of 'greats'.

meal 1- egg, t burger on spinach salad with red pepper and avocado

worked in garage with pauly this super nauseous.

Went back in for CFFB WOD with Pauly.
5 rds for time: Sprint 100m, 6 db snatches L/R @ 35lbs, 12 pullups. Subbed burps for pullups since my hands are still screaming from this am. Tough one, for sure. 14:58.

meal 2- hb eggs, brocc, avocado

9-2-16 today. I am way short for the day.


  1. Thanks girl. Glad to see you had a lot of greats this weekend. You deserve it! Nice work this morning good luck tonite!!

  2. Wow, that sounds like a lot of workout. Looking forward to seeing you in the Olympic games!