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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Sept 1

Up early to go to 5AM. egg, nuts. Short sleep.

WOD: CnJ's 1-1-1-1-1-1. Well now. Cleans seem to spook me a little, such a mental game. I actually did nto have a 1RM on record, but btw my clean numbers and my jerk numbers I knew I needed to be somewhere btw 115-125 to set a PR with the CNJ. Lots fo warmup- then started with: 115-120-125f-125f-125*-125*. Got the cleans @ 125, not the jerk- but I will take it! 125 has been my nemesis for a while now with the cleans, so really glad to get that today. It just was not going overhead today.

breakfast- 3 eggs, greens shake, nuts

Worked up in Manatee County today with 2 others from Valent who were here to meet a few of my customers. Good day, but I am tired.

lunch @ Crispers- greek salad with chicken, added almonds.
3-1-12 3B likely a stretch here.

snack @ 5PM- egg, nuts.

...thinking about a CFE WOD tonight...

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  1. NICE PR today Sarah... you were working hard & totally deserved to get it!