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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday Sep 2! GAMEDAY tomorrow!!!!

Up with little bit short sleep, snack

WOD: Run 400, 21 thrusters @ 65, 21 box jumps, run 400, 15&15, run 400, 9&9, run 400. WHEW what a push altho it doesn't look too scary on paper. 13:30. CFE WOD tonight with my mister....

Head's up- it's come to our attention that Pauly needs a CF nickname- rather than 'create' one with lots of thought and effort, we figure it just needs to 'arrive', if you're picking up what I am putting down...just open your minds to where this needs to go and let's see what happens....

breakfast- eggs, eggplant, nuts

lunch- t burger, red pepper, bruss sprouts, nuts

CFE WOD- 3 rds: 20 sec on, 60 off; 20 on, 50 off, 20 on, 40 off......till 10 sec rest. Basically were 100m sprints. Garmin batt died! No dist, but let me just say it sucked @ 430PM.

egg, nuts

Went to surprise BDay party for our friend, Mitch...good time- GREAT meatballs!! :)

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  1. I think we should just call him tank. Plain and simple. I'll keep thinkin' :)