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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday Sept 3 College Ball Tonight!!

Up with OK sleep, just a touch short....looking for Friday big time.

IF today.

WOD: 15 100m sprints, 30-45 sec rest. Well now. Kate said they weren't as bad as they sound, and she was right. I was surprised to see the diff it makes when it's a straight course!! 15.2 my fastest time. Glad it's done, tho....that's the 2nd CFE WOD this week for me.\

Traveled to Plant City today, just home. Long day of driving.

Meal 1- Applebee's- Cali Shrimp salad sans bacon and dressing, with O&V. Pretty good. Added nuts, 2 hb eggs.

I am beat.

salad with mahi, avocado, red pepper, cuke

pork tl, egg, cauli, nuts, avocado daaark choc & pb!! so good.

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  1. Sorry I left you hanging today, its half and USCe is up :-( Go Pack!