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Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday. At least there was football last night.

Up with crap sleep. Coffee, IF today. Devo got me right.

WOD: Run 400, 25 burps, 25 pull ups, run 400, 5 ropes, run 400, 25 pull ups, 25 burps, run 400. WOW what a push on a Monday to get through this one! One of those really good MG WODs to get the weekend off! Finished 21:12. TWIMC: You CAN get up the straight rope. Going in tonight for ring dip work, and maybe a CFE WOD....MAYBE.

Fork down last night at 715PM. Looking to get 17hrs in today. Am hungry, about 45min to go.

meal 1- chicken, spinach salad, olives, nuts

meal 2 @ 4PM- cooked eggs, spinach, nuts

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  1. Good job today. Crushed it like always! Your ninja training is almost complete.