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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday already. Aug 6

Up with decent sleep. egg, almonds
1-0-8. I am thinking of squats this morning. Coffee and devotional get me rolling...

WOD: Back Squats 1-1-1-1-1-1. Looking for a new 1RM (1RM=185). Lots of warm up, then started sets: 185-190f-190f-185-190f-190f. No new PR for me today, it just wasn't going to happen. Extra work: Unilateral db benches @ 30lbs; 3x max effort till fail. 17-16-16.
Thinking of a CFE WOD tonight @ 6PM. Shout out to SMIKE for working hard on his squats today- head down, yes?!?!?!

breakfast- 3 fried eggs, cooked mixed veggies, nuts

A little disappointed with the squats, but not too bad- I am pretty happy that I at least kept it static...until next time.

lunch- t burger, brocc, little red pepper, avocado, nuts

egg, nuts

mahi, brocc, red pepper, avocado, nuts, daaark choc.........great meal!


  1. Great work today! I know in hindsight it may seem disappointing but you were pretty paranoid before we started that you weren't even going to get to your original 1RM and you were hitting it consistently. That crappy 5 lbs makes all the difference.

  2. Great Job! You give 100% every time, that counts more than an extra an extra 5 lbs. You got it next time, no doubt.