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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday! YEAH.

Up with short sleep...over it. egg, nuts.

WOD: Back Squats: 75% 1RM 4x8. Went 140 atb. Eights are tough!! No joke. Did some walk-outs after: 185-205-225. Extra work- Presses 6x3. Decided to go for 85lbs atb: 85 atb, missed 4th set. I am sure 80lbs would have been prettier, but wanted to go for the push with the 85. Need to work on pushing my chest through- thanks Coach B!

breakfast: 3 fried eggs plus a little of Pauly's omelet, brocc, nuts

aaaahhhhh. 3 webinars today.....almost done.....

Just gotta give a HOLLAH to my boys this am....Brod, Smack, Brennan, Jim: THANKS for the tip on the NFL network. It is free on Comcast now. Who knew?

lunch- t burger on a spinach salad, usual suspects.

egg, nuts

few more nuts

waiting for Pauly to get home from the gym.....bison burgers for din and football!

lettuce wrapped bison burgers, with the fixin's...and a COLD beer. great meal & night with my mister.
5-1-15 big day of eating!


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