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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Aug 5

Up early to go in at 5AM. Sleep was good, but I am still short from Mon night, so will try to catch up today. IF today.

WOD: Run 800, row 800, run 800 within the 12 minute max. It was a good metcon push! No rest, but no fouls! 10:47.

Took my girl MK to RSW for her canyoneering trip. She is kookoo excited about this trip.

Got the chance to fish yesterday (finally!) and had an 'attorney day' meaning, we slammed 'em.. Five sails, limited out on kings, and lots of bonita. Not much in the way of eating fish, but one hell of a sport fish day. It was a great time but glad to be home.

chicken, cooked veggies, red papper, avocado, few nuts

hb eggs, nuts

bison burgers (lettuce wrapped of course!), spinach, sweet onion, avocado. 1 sq daaark choc and a few nuts for dessert. delicious!


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