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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday September 30

Up with good sleep. egg, nuts

WOD: row 750, 25 burps, 50 thrusters (33), 25 burps, row 750. I felt like my burpees were in slo mo and I had to break up the thrusters today like kookoo. Not sure why I felt so sluggish, but will not lose sleep over it! This WOD was tough- the 750 rows weren't a cake walk, either :) Not so much on the 13 minute WOD, Coach!! 16:16.

Missed my blog yesterday just because long day at work- but food was good. Not gonna fuss with re-doing it at this juncture.

breakfast- hb eggs, yams.

lunch- salad with grilled pork chop. Ordered chicken, got pork. Welcome to Immokalee. Added nuts.

egg, nuts

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