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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday in Cedar Key

It's been almost 25 years since I've been here- it's a small fishing town in Levy COunty, my stomping grounds from childhood. A little island on it's own, lovely in so many ways...but rather remote. In a condo that has wireless (yay) but no Sprint cell service....oh well. Not the end of the world, yes?

Up with a snack

Travel WOD: run 1000m, 100 air squats, 50 pushups for time. So of course the satellite aquisition for my Garmin is nil~ so ran for 7:53 (1 mi?), then the squats and pushups. Finished 13:17. Sorry to miss the benches from today...

Am thinking of the 6AMers and rest of the crew as we speak-

breakfast- 3 hb eggs, red pepper, avocado....on the boat as I reel in a redfish.
Was raining earlier, now has stopped....but they've lost me for the rest of the fishing since my arse is wet.. Am in my room chilling while the guys finish the rest of the charter, then meeting this afternoon.

lunch- chicken, red pepper, cuke, nuts

chicken, avocado

grouper, shrimp, salad, avocado, nuts

Home tomorrow!



  1. It just was not the same without you there this am!

  2. Yeah girl we MISS YOU!!! Have fun and we'll see you soon!