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Friday, November 20, 2009

Finally it is Friday! Nov 20


Up with good sleep, just a little short.

WOD: B. Squats 5x5 @ 90% 5RM (170) -155lbs. 155-155-155x4-done. Pretty disappointed, but sucked it up. We need to back up a few steps and regroup with my numbers. I was working off a 5RM from July, and clearly, I'm not in the same place here in November. I must work on keeping my head down and building confidence under the bar. Feeling a little shaky. Rested a bit and then went into the P. Cleans 6x3. Decided to keep them at 105 ATB to make sure I got all my reps nice and clean. Got thru those pretty good, so felt better about that. I know that as each week comes and goes, performance may vary- it ain't gonna be PRs each time- but I also know that I'm at the right place to correct these issues and get back on track, so that's what I lean on now. Like coach said, two steps back to get one step ahead has to happen sometimes. HUGE shout out to MK for PRing on Nancy this am - and her DAY OFF to boot!!

Stayed a little bit to go over 101s with MK-

730AM CFE at Lakes Park tomorrow if anyone's interested

eggs, apple, nuts

t burg, brocc, avocado

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  1. Thoughts on CFE wod monday night? Maybe 10 by 10 meters?