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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Nov 19

Up with better sleep, but up too early....looking for some catch up.

WOD: Rectumlinear aka Putting Your Ass onthe Line: Row 200-400-600, Pull ups 9-15-21, Benches 21-15-9....3 rds- times were 3:57, 4:44, 5:06. Nice one.

breakfast- eggs, eggplant, apple, nuts

t burg, cooked veges, avocado, few walnuts
3-1-9 still trying to finish- this one was hard to get down- what's up with that?

egg, nuts

salmon, spinach, red pepper, avocado, nuts, and 1 square......heaven :)


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  1. Thanks for the thoughts and words friend :) And why so hard to get down cuz it is alot of food for your little belly! Nice times today.